RStudio Cloud

In short, RStudio Cloud is RStudio in the cloud.

RStudio Cloud (castellano | català)

  • You access to RStudio Cloud through your internet browser.
  • Therefore, you don’t need to have RStudio installed in your computer to use it.

RStudio Cloud is a good choice for those who:

  • Have problems running RStudio . In some occasions an error may occur repeatedly with the RStudio hosted in your computer. RStudio Cloud is error free. If the problem persists, this means you are doing something wrong!
  • Use different computers during the day . RStudio Cloud helps you to centralize your project online.
  • Want your instructor to look at a project you are working with . You can give permission to the instructor to access to your project, so she/he can help you without the need of sending screenprints via email.

To start with RStudio Cloud, login here.