The first thing you should do is to download and install:

  • A recent version of R.
  • A recent version of RStudio (if you are having any trouble, try to download an older version).
  • Once in RStudio, install the R packages. These are probably all the packages that you will need for all your courses (it will take a while). Otherwise, check the main page of your course to install only specific packages.
install.packages(c("countrycode", "DescTools", "foreign", "gapminder",
  "ggmap", "ggthemes", "haven", "htmlwidgets","janitor", "knitr", 
  "leaflet", "readxl", "rmarkdown", "rnaturalearth", "rnaturalearthdata",
  "RColorBrewer", "sf", "tidyverse", "wbstats"))

Follow the instructions in the video to learn how to download, install, and use RStudio.

Guía de RStudio (castellano | català)