Released the UCL dataset

New dataset on the teams that have played the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals since 1980.

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The new UEFA Champions League (UCL) dataset v1 available here. It includes:

  • All teams that played the UCL quarterfinals from 1980 to 2021.
  • Data about the last played round (QF: Quarterfinals / SF: Semifinals / RU: Runners-up / W: Winner).
  • Data about city, GDP, and population.


  • year: Year when the last rounds were played (e.g. 1981 is season 1980-1981).
  • code: Abreviation of the team.
  • name: Name of the team.
  • round: QF: Quarterfinals / SF: Semifinals / RU: Runners-up / W: Winner
  • league: Name of the league the team plays.
  • region: Big 5 (England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany), Small (small leagues), East (Eastern team leagues pre-1990).
  • decade: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s (last final Chelsea - City included in 2010s).
  • superliga: Founder teams of the fake Superleague.
  • city: Name of the city.
  • areacode: Area code of the city (Eurostat / OECD).
  • metropol: Name of the metropolitan area.
  • pop: Population of the city/metropolitan area (Source: Eurostat).
  • gdp: GDP of the city/metropolitan area (Source: Eurostat).
  • country: Name of the country.
  • eurostat: Eurostat country code.
  • ecb: ECB country code.
  • cowc: Correlates of War character country code.
  • cown: Correlates of War numeric country code.

Articles with UCL dataset:

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